Is Blimpie Still In Business

If you were to ask people in the 1980s, “Is Blimpie still in business?” they would probably say that it isn’t. The company’s expansion plans flopped. But despite that, the company’s CEO, Tony Conza, made some changes to keep it afloat. The company created a newsletter and gave franchisees more control over their advertising.

In the first half of the 1990s, the company did very well. However, the second half saw a decline in sales. By the late 1990s, Blimpie’s sub franchises were sold to other companies. As a result, the company no longer had a steady income stream. The company faced severe financial trouble by the early 2000s. Investors started to lose interest in the company and its stock price fell. After a few years, the company went out of the stock market.

The Blimpie chain once had over 200 locations throughout the country. However, today, the company only has two stores in Connecticut. The owner of the company, Bob Bell, is allergic to bread, which explains why he invested his life savings in purchasing a franchise. Before buying the franchise, Bell earned his living working at a donut shop and studying at Briarwood College.

The original company was started by two friends, but later on Bandassare decided to discontinue it. Conza and DeCarlo, however, continued the franchising process. They aimed to expand into other regions, like the South. However, the newer stores did not have enough profit to survive. As of 1983, the company had over 150 franchises across the country.

While the company is not doing very well at the moment, it has a lot of potential. Its mission is to make sure that no one is left out in the fight against global warming, and it will expand its service offerings. It is also working on a drone-based delivery service.

The company has also expanded its business overseas. Blimpie has more than sixty locations in 15 countries. In 2001, the company opened fewer Blimpie outlets in the United States, though it had a total of nearly 2,000 locations worldwide. It also began a diversification strategy, buying a 75 percent stake in Maui Tacos in 1997. The restaurant chain’s menu expanded and its decor improved. It also introduced new menu items such as hot grilled sandwiches.

In 1964, three friends started a sandwich shop called Blimpie. The original Blimpie location was located in Hoboken, New Jersey. The business was launched with only $2,500 in seed capital, and the subs sold like hotcakes. Initially, Blimpie sold franchises for about $600 each during the first year of operation.

In the early 1980s, Blimpie grew rapidly in popularity, so the company’s expansion strategy changed drastically. The franchise model, which allows franchisees to run the business without direct supervision, was a mistake. Meanwhile, Subway franchises were popping up all over the country. Blimpie was struggling to keep up.

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