Hunter Thore Net Worth

Hunter Thore Net Worth – A Celebrity Family Member

Hunter Thore is the brother of reality star Whitney Way Thore and appeared alongside her on TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Additionally, he plays guitar for metal band Plague of Jackals as well as theater acting and film work in New York City.

Sources estimate his net worth as approximately $1.5 million. He lives with his sister and parents. Rather than sharing any details of his personal life with the media, he remains quiet about it all and remains 5 ft 7 inches tall with an overall healthy physique.

He has appeared in multiple movies and television shows, with his most notable role coming in Condor’s Nest. Additionally, he was employed as a production assistant on It’s Fine as well as working on Skye of the Damned in 2014.

Glenn Thore’s daughter Whitney Way Thore posted an adorable birthday tribute for him on Instagram. It shows just how close-knit their family truly is.

Hunter Entertainment, his production company, is also an incredibly successful business venture, producing many hit movies such as ‘Condor’s Nest’ which received critical acclaim and won multiple awards – grossing over $10 Million at the box office!

As of late, he has been engaged in a number of other projects. With the release of “The Good Life” with his sister soon and an appearance on TLC series My Big Fat Fabulous Life on its way. Alongside acting, he also acts as producer on several music videos.

My Big Fat Fabulous is set to premiere again in 2024, this time featuring all four members of Whitney Way’s Thore family: husband, children and her partner Will Way. Additionally, viewers may remember when it revealed Whitney had another child through a bombshell reveal episode on My Big Fat Fabulous in 2017.

Next season is sure to reveal many surprising facts about the Thore family, after last season was filled with drama and left fans eagerly awaiting what happens next.

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