Homeless Man Math Window

A mysterious video of a homeless man doing intricate math on a window has gone viral on social media. The clip was posted by a mysterious account that claimed to be a homeless person on its TikTok page, July 24. The video has amassed more than 138,000 followers since then. What does the video show? Is it proof of time travel? Or is it just another example of the homeless man’s artistic talents? Let’s find the answer.

Salas began receiving services at the Courtyard at Haven for Hope, a campus for the homeless located near downtown. He has a lengthy criminal history, but was accepted to the program because he is so determined to get better. He was able to write math equations on the window using his finger. The video then went viral, and the account owner was soon outside the man’s home on a beach. After he stumbled across the man’s house, he was led there by the coordinates he had found in the cave.

This is not confirmed or denied by the video’s creators. Although TikToker’s videos have garnered millions of views, some viewers claim that the man is time traveling. In a later clip, he claims that equations on the cave wall reveal coordinates to a nearby home. He asks the same question he asked in the first clip. Some viewers claim that TikToker is attempting time travel, while others think he’s merely reliving history. Social media has been flooded with debate about the underlying story of time traveling.

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