Haagen Dazs Peppermint Cookie Squares

Haagen-Dazs Peppermint Cookie Squares Hit Costco!

I’ve heard of the new Haagen-Dazs Peppermint Cookie Squares flavor, but did you know that Costco also has them? I have a few questions: What is in peppermint icecream? Are they worth the price? And are they good for holiday meals? We’ve answered these questions and more in this article!

Costco offers haagen-dazs cookie pieces in a new flavor

A new flavor of Haagen-Dazs cookie squares has hit Costco! The new peppermint bark flavor has gotten rave reviews from Costco users and is sure to become a popular holiday snack. These frozen treats are available in most Costco locations and will likely be available on Black Friday. For more information, check out Haagen-Dazs’ website.

This new flavor reminds me of a holiday Klondike Bar. The peppermint swirl ice-cream is topped with the cookie squares, which are made with a chocolate foundation. These squares can be dipped in milk chocolate or dark chocolate and topped with real peppermint bark. The Costco fan page shared a picture of the new flavors, and received over 12 thousand likes in one day.

Ingredients in peppermint ice cream

You are in for a treat if you haven’t tried Haagen-Dazs peppermint cream ice cream. This delicious ice cream is covered with peppermint candy pieces and dipped in dark chocolate. This seasonal treat is only available in Haagen-Dazs Shops, so if you haven’t tried one yet, you’re missing out!

The ice cream is primarily white chocolate, with a few hints of peppermint flavor. The candy pieces are made with cocoa butter and sugar. There’s also coconut oil and a vegetable oil coating. If you are curious about the peppermint flavor, it’s in the chocolate cookie with the melted topping.

Price of haagen-dazs peppermint cookie squares

Haagen-Dazs Peppermint Bark Cookie Squares are a limited-edition flavor. Made with chocolate cookie and ice cream, they feature actual peppermint bark. The squares are covered with dark chocolate and peppermint swirl ice cream. Costco sells them in a 10-pack. These holiday-themed squares are priced at $5.79 each.

Haagen-Dazs cookie bars come in many flavors. Each square is covered in ice cream and dipped into chocolate. These ice cream cookie squares are sold in three-packs. They have been a hit since their inception. A review on Spoon University described them as “three desserts in one”.

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