Giving Birth What Happened To The Hurtt Twins Mother

When Kat and John Hurtt were married, they did not think about having children. They met in college and were married shortly after, but it took several years before they decided to start trying. They were delighted when Kat discovered she was pregnant and that she was carrying twins. In the first trimester, Kat battled morning sickness. Then she was put on bed rest for the last few weeks of her pregnancy because the twins were considered high-risk.

In May 2015, Hurtt Twins were born ten weeks early. Though the twins were healthy, their mother began to experience postpartum depression at around six months old. She began to feel like a failure and began to think about harming herself. She also became more withdrawn and cut herself off from friends and family.

Although the exact cause of their mother’s death is unknown, there are many theories about the circumstances. One of the most popular theories is that she was abducted by aliens. Other theories are that she was killed by a monster, or perhaps she ran away. Whatever the cause, the twins were taken care of by their grandparents and father. As they grew up, the twins began to investigate what happened to their mother.

The twins’ father, Jerron Hurt, was a single dad and a natural educator. His sons are well-known on social media, where they have nearly 200,000 followers. Hurt’s virtual family set up a GoFundMe campaign to help Hurt buy a new car.

The Hurt twins’ mother, Nicole Bendickson, died in her sleep on Dec. 1 leaving behind three children. Nicole was a busy mother and active in her community. She had been under quarantine following her husband’s COVID-positive test. However, she was not vaccinated against COVID-19, and she died a few days later. She had been a busy mother before the COVID infection struck her. She was not aware she was vaccinated against the virus. Her twins were placed in the neonatal intensive care unit.

While many twins are born vaginally, about a third of them are delivered by caesarean section. If vaginal delivery is unsuccessful, the mother may need to use an epidural to assist her during delivery. This will reduce the risk of complications during the birth.

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