Gio Selling Oc Net Worth

Gio Helou – Selling the OC Net Worth

Gio Helou, an Orange County luxury realtor who stars on the reality series Selling Sunset’s spinoff Selling the OC is one of the show’s main characters. Selling the OC follows The Oppenheim Group’s Newport Beach office staff and has quickly become popular among viewers due to its drama-filled episodes featuring real estate professionals dealing with high-end properties.

Helou is a force in Orange County luxury real estate market and brings unmatched local expertise and an outstanding reputation to The Oppenheim Group’s new Orange County office. As per their website, Helou lives his life to its fullest extent both personally and professionally, spending time on fast cars and vintage motorcycles alike while working closely with his mother Lisa Helou who also offers outstanding Southern California real estate expertise.

The series takes place in Orange County’s luxurious neighborhoods and showcases some of the most extravagant properties. Helou’s energetic and forceful presence on screen has garnered much interest from viewers who wish to learn more about him; Gio’s Wiki page provides an introduction into his career, education and personal life.

Helou was born in 1988 and studied marketing and theatre arts at Pepperdine University, earning a bachelor’s degree. Since 2016, Helou has worked as a luxury realtor gaining great recognition for his services as well as creating an award-winning documentary further increasing his financial security.

Lisa Helou is an esteemed real estate professional in Southern California who works for The Oppenheim Group. As one of Gio’s regular advisors on the show, Lisa offers advice and wisdom that help him create the right ambiance in his open houses.

Gio reveals in the show that he and Tiffany live in Orange County with two dogs named Bella and Brutus, which can often be found posing for pictures on social media accounts of them both together in luxurious homes or traveling abroad together.

Gio Helou makes significant earnings from both his job and appearances on Selling the OC reality TV show, with Helou receiving up to 3% commission for every property sold; this number may rise up to 6% if acting both as listing and buying agent on that property.

Gio Helou’s estimated net worth is estimated to be in the area of $3.5 Million. This estimate is calculated using his commissions from his work on Selling the OC as well as product sales, sponsorships and speaking gigs he receives as revenue sources. Furthermore, his fleet of fast cars and vintage motorcycles may provide another source of income; although, earnings could fluctuate depending on various factors like economy fluctuations and deals completed.

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