Gil Gerard Net Worth

Gil Gerard Net Worth

Gil Gerard Net Worth is a celebrity who has amassed considerable wealth through his acting career. Best-known for playing Captain William Rogers on Buck Rogers in the 25th Century television series, and also appearing in other movies and TV shows since 1975 – as well as making several commercial advertisements appearances since that time -, Gerard has amassed significant wealth through acting.

He currently lives in Los Angeles, California, with two children of his own and is fairly private regarding his personal life – although it’s speculated he’s been married three times! Furthermore, he tends to remain low-profile outside his work in film and television industry.

His acting career began in the early 1970s when he made his television commercial debut. Subsequently he appeared in movies and TV shows such as Some of My Best Friends Are, Man on a Swing and sitcom The Doctors before landing his breakthrough role of Buck Rogers from the 25th Century from 1975 until 1981 – becoming a household name due to this role.

Gil has appeared in many other movies and TV shows such as Fury to Freedom, Soldier’s Fortune, Looking for Bruce and Dire Wolf as well as voice acting for several animated movies. In 2005 he participated in Discovery Health Channel TV series Action Hero Makeover which allowed him to have lifesaving mini-gastric bypass surgery which allowed him to drop 145 pounds within 10 months.

According to numerology, Gil Gerard has chosen the life path number 5. People on this path tend to be seekers of truth who put forth effort toward reaching their goals; however, at times they can become burned out and require time off work so as to relax and recharge their batteries. More recently he has been focused on his health, maintaining an ideal weight through regular physical activity and an appropriate diet plan. Involvement with charity organizations such as the American Cancer Society has also kept his commitment strong.

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