George Peppard Net Worth

George Peppard Net Worth

George Peppard was an American actor best known for his roles on TV’s The A-Team and as Thomas Banacek from Banacek series. Additionally, he co-starred alongside Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s while portraying Paul Varjak from Howard Hughes biopic The Carpetbaggers movie. Born October 1 1928 in Detroit Michigan USA he died May 8 1994 due to pneumonia with an estimated net worth of $5 Million.

Peppard began his acting career by appearing in various stage productions before making his film debut with 1957’s The Strange One. Subsequent films included Pork Chop Hill, How the West Was Won and Home from the Hill before becoming best-known through The A-Team television series and films in which he played Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith of an insurgency commando force heist team renegades led by Hanibal Smith (Cigar Smoking Colonel John “Hannibal”) (19 movies/TV shows plus nominations from National Board of Review Award (NBOR Award) and BAFTA nomination (Newman’s Law).

Once his career on screen was over, Peppard continued making money through business ventures and investments in high-profile companies. He owned multiple restaurants and nightclubs as well as investing in film production companies and was known as an astute investor with several businesses that made significant amounts of money; additionally he invested in real estate properties as well as stock holdings.

Peppard continued his acting career until his death from pneumonia in 1994, appearing in movies, TV shows, guest spots on television, PAPA (Broadway play) in which he played Ernest Hemingway, Matlock film (where he also had a part) and more.

According to various online resources, George Peppard had an estimated Net Worth of around $118 Million at his death. George is an accomplished American TV Actor born in Detroit, Michigan, United States who passed away aged 94 at his time of passing. He is an extremely gifted and widely recognized actor who has enjoyed enormous success in his acting career. Additionally, he excels at music as well and has completed various music projects; being both a singer/songwriter with many iconic tracks under his belt. He has performed with many celebrities such as Mr. T, among others. He won many awards for his acting abilities. Linda, with whom he shared five children. He was extremely proud to call Linda his partner; Linda loved their family very much as well; Mr. T was very generous, always helping those in need; Linda found him inspirational as both father and husband as well as son! He will long be remembered.

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