Funhaus Subscriber Count

Funhaus is an online video channel that has more than 1.5 million subscribers. It has published 3,692 videos to date with over 1.6 billion views. On average, Funhaus posts 62 new videos each month. Subscribers can view their count by selecting the channel ID or name of the subscriber.

Funhaus’s popularity is primarily due to the success of Demo Disk. The first season of the show received more than a million views, and the channel’s subscriber count grew significantly. The show began when a long-time Funhaus fan sent the channel a box of PC Gamer Weekly demo disks. The disks, however, were incompatible with the Funhaus computers, so most of the videos were spent trying to get the games to run. Most of the videos focused on internet flash games, and each video ended with Bruce snapping the disk in half.

Funhaus is a YouTube channel that hosts videos focusing on video games. The channel was launched in 2015 and is owned by Rooster Teeth, a production company. The channel features videos by various game makers, commentators, comedians, and gamers. Its videos are hosted by some of the most popular employees from the company, including Adam Kovic, James Willems, Lawrence Sonntag, and Elyse Willems.

In 2015, Funhaus expanded into Los Angeles and hired most of the hosts from Machinima’s Inside Gaming crew. The mix of gameplay, scripted content, and nonsense has led the channel to become wildly popular. The channel has a devoted fan base and many members are called ‘Hausmates.’ The cast includes James Willems, Elyse Willems, Bruce Greene, Lawrence Sonntag, and Adam Kovic.

Besides the website, Funhaus also produces podcasts. One is called “Dude Soup” and features video recordings of the hosts. The two hosts discuss different topics, from gaming news to comedy. The other one is called “Filmhaus”, and is dedicated to film reviews. Both have been extremely popular with fans.

In early February 2016, Funhaus was led by Sean Poole, who had been Channel Director of Programming since 2007. He had held similar positions at Inside Gaming, as well. He and his team had been operating Funhaus channels for more than a year and had acquired extensive knowledge of running both YouTube and Twitch channels. He said that he wanted to take on a new challenge.

Funhaus has collaborated with YouTube creators, including Achievement Hunter, Kinda Funny, and The Creatures. As of November 2016, Funhaus is no longer producing content for The Know, but they have worked with Game Grumps and Smosh Games. They were first featured on Machinima’s Inside Gaming department. Funhaus is also known for its collaboration with Achievement Hunter, a popular gaming channel. In addition, it has also appeared on The Gauntlet, a competition show on Rooster Teeth.

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