Frisky Business Durham

A local adult store called Frisky Business in Durham is not your typical retail store. While it sells a variety of adult toys, its décor is also akin to a boutique. There are tables adorned with dildos, mannequins in lingerie, and racks of high-end cuffs and collars. Ferber says the shop is most popular around Valentine’s Day, but that’s not the only reason it’s so popular. Many customers come to the store for massage oil and lingerie, too.

The store itself is clean and well-lit, making it a relaxing place to shop. The employees are friendly and helpful, and their goal is to make you feel comfortable and happy in a business environment. The staff are knowledgeable, and they are always eager to help you find the best products for your business.

The Frisky Business Boutique is located at 1720 New Raleigh Highway in Durham, NC. It is a local lingerie and adult entertainment store. The shop has received 35 customer reviews, and has an overall rating of 4.5. Customers can pick up their items curbside or have them delivered. They can pay with credit cards or cash.

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