Exp Business Cards

When it comes to marketing your real estate business, eXp business cards are an excellent tool. These cards are designed to showcase your brand and make you stand out among your peers. You can choose from a wide variety of designs and styles for your cards. And you can order your real estate cards online and customize them to your liking!

If you are in the market for high-quality, durable business cards, choose the best ones that are 100% customizable. Exp realty business cards are professionally designed and are available in full color. They are printed on glossy 20-pt card stock with a glossy finish. For additional durability, consider getting a magnetic business card. This feature allows you to stick your contact details wherever you need them.

While designing your business cards, make sure to choose those with a strong, bold design. Large block typography is a fun way to make them stand out. A quote is always a nice touch, and your tagline should be “Onward, Upward, Homeward.” Another unique feature is two-tone color for your contact information. It is also helpful to include “direct/text” next to your phone number. This makes your contact details more visible to potential clients.

The size and shape of your cards should be proportionate to your profile. It is advisable to choose a size that is more convenient than too bulky. You don’t want to look awkward in a wallet card pocket! You should also avoid the long, thin, and skinny cards that were so popular five years ago.

Another important factor is to keep the design simple. You can make your cards look flashy by adding a foil stamp or debossing. You can also use a QR code on your cards to direct people to your website. This can help you get more leads and close more deals. Exp business cards are not cheap.

The design of your card should reflect your brand. A simple design can be attractive while still communicating your brand. Consider using a minimalist font. This will allow you to make your cards look professional and stylish. You don’t want to use text that is too distracting for the recipient. If your goal is to make your cards look more professional, go with a typeface that’s easy on the eyes.

A real estate marketing agency should have an eye for color and typography. For example, a skyscraper in the Tribeca neighborhood needs a card that matches the neighborhood. It should also make its design feel as if it belongs there. Moreover, a marble logo on your card will add a touch of luxury.

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