Erica Campbell Net Worth

Erica Campbell Net Worth

In addition to her gospel work, Erica Campbell has also been a reality television star. She has a mother and a record producer father. Her net worth is undetermined, but she is likely worth more than one million dollars. In addition to her music career, Campbell has also been involved in modeling and has won numerous awards.

She has a father and a mother

Gospel singer Erica Campbell is proud of her family. She and her sister, Tina Campbell, were famous for their gospel duo. But in 2008, they split up. Her first solo track, Stand, was used for the soundtrack of the movie ‘A Good Man Is Hard to Find’. Her other notable songs include ‘Dr. Dolittle’ and ‘Thankful.’ Her first album was released by Entertainment One Music.

Erica Campbell’s mother, Thomasina Atkins, died of cancer on March 25, 2019. Her mother, Julie Meyer, also passed away at the age of 47. Her father was a youth minister and church elder. He had a close relationship with his family, which influenced his sons to follow his path.

She has a brother

Pop singer Erica Campbell has a brother named Marcus. They were once a gospel music duo and broke up in 2008. After their split, Campbell began a solo career and released two albums under Entertainment One Music. She also hosted a talk show called Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell on the radio network.

Campbell was born in Inglewood, California. Her parents are Eddie Aaron Atkins, Sr. and Thomasina Andrea ‘Honey’ Atkins. She was the youngest of three children and has two older brothers. Her older brother died when he was just six years old. His siblings have a great deal of respect for her and are very proud of her.

Campbell’s parents are married. The two were married on May 26, 2001. She has three children with her husband. Erica Campbell is an actress and singer. She starred in Sister Act 2 and has a national syndicated radio show.

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