Eric Coston

American skateboarder and company owner, Eric Koston is an active member of the skateboarding community. He has appeared in the Tony Hawk’s video game series and Electronic Arts’s Skate 2 and Skate 3. He also owns several companies including Fourstar Clothing and The Berrics. This article explores his career and achievements.

Eric’s daughters, Kimmy Kilpatrick and Cindy Clark, and brother Archie Coston (Ruth) are the survivors. He is also survived by his sister, Opal Fitzherbert. The family would like to receive donations in honor of Eric and in his memory. To honor Eric, please consider making a memorial donation to Tabernacle Baptist Church.

Aside from being an acclaimed skateboarder, Koston has acted in several films. He co-starred in Girl and Lakai skateboard films and also starred in an eS Footwear video. Eric also founded the Berrics skate park in 2007 with Steve Berra. Berrics is dedicated to the Street Skater community in Los Angeles. Eric has also hosted a Battle of the Berrics competition.

Coston started running in first grade and has improved throughout his running career. He has competed at the national level in both cross country and AAU track. He has won numerous championships in his distance events. Recently, he was diagnosed with OSGOOD-SCHLATTER DISEASE, an autoimmune disease that affects the knees. However, he has made significant progress over the past six months.

At the 2018 SEC Cross Country Championships, Andrew McLaughlin finished in the 34th position. He was LSU’s second-highest finisher in three of the four team meets. McLaughlin also posted a season-best eighth-place finish at the Arturo Barrios Invitational and finished 12th at the Florida State Invitational.

Burdick borrowed Coston’s grandmother’s car and picked him up in Kirkland. Burdick and Coston then spent the night at the Black Angus Motel in Seattle. Coston repeatedly urged Burdick to perform a prostitute activity, but Burdick repeatedly refused. In the end, the jury did not know that Coston was in jail at the time.

The trial court erred in denying Coston’s motion to exclude letters. He wrote the letters to Burdick while in prison. The court allowed the letters to be admissible after redacting the prison references. This is a significant error of law. The trial court should not have allowed Coston to write these letters if the evidence did not support his argument.

Koston’s skating style varies between videos. His percentage of slow-motion tricks varies by video. In one video, he performed the highest percentage of switch tricks. However, Koston is a fs, bs and switch trick skater who prefers to skate in slow-motion.

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