Edwin Edwards Net Worth

What is Edwin Edwards Net Worth?

Edwin Edwards net worth is approximately $10 Million. Edwards was an American politician who served four terms as Governor of Louisiana and one term in US Representative from its 7th district. Edwards became famous for his quick wit, pompous nature, love of wine and ability to come up with one-liners that caught people’s attention. He became well dressed while always managing to come up with something interesting to say or bring up in conversation.

Born August 7, 1927 in Marksville, Avoyelles Parish and with humble origins – his father being a sharecropper and mother being a teacher -, he attended public schools until graduating from Marksville High School. Additionally he served in World War II with the US Navy Air Corps before studying law at Louisiana State University Law Center.

Once he completed his law degree, Edwards entered politics by winning Crowley City Council elections as a member of the Democratic Party in 1954. From 1964 until 1966 he served on Crowley City Council until winning an election to Louisiana State Senate to challenge Bill Cleveland and became floor leader for two years; two years later he was then elected into United States House of Representatives from Louisiana’s 7th Congressional district and served there until 1972.

Edwards was charged with several offenses including extortion and racketeering and served eight years in prison before trying to make a comeback in politics, only to lose. Later he developed various health issues before passing away at home in Gonzales on July 12, 2021 at age 93.

During his term in office, he amassed an enormous fortune through bribes and gifts – as well as the infamous slush fund used to hide illegal activity – as well as by mismanaging state funds and using his earnings from such activities to fund his presidential bid. Furthermore, there were numerous scandals connected with him such as an affair with a prostitute, mishandling state funds improperly, and using the slush fund for campaign support purposes.

Edwards was married three times, with each marriage lasting over 40 years before divorcing and later divorcing again. Edwards married Elaine Schwartzenburg for 40 years until their separation, later divorcing Candy Picou before marrying Trina Grimes Scott whom he had met while serving time in prison; together they appeared on an on-line reality show together before going their separate ways again after this brief encounter. Edwards earned income through various sources such as congressional retirement systems, social security benefits and royalties from Nelson Energy and Henry Product among many other sources – all combined he became quite wealthy over his time in office, epitomizing corrupt yet entertaining Louisiana politicians with his unique life storylines; many will miss him dearly!

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