Eddie Mekka Net Worth

The Net Worth of Eddie Mekka

If you are interested in learning about the net worth of Eddie Mekka, you have come to the right place. This American actor was born on 14th June 1952 and died on 27th November 2021. During his lifetime, his net worth was around $1 million. During this time, he starred in various movies and television shows, such as the critically acclaimed “Still Alice.”

Eddie Mekka was an American actor

Eddie Mekka was an actor who portrayed the role of Carmine Ragusa on Laverne & Shirley. He was born Edward Rudolph Mekjian. His role on the show was a memorable one and earned him a Grammy Award for best supporting actor.

Born in Worcester, Massachusetts, Mekka was first known for his role in the 1975 rock opera Lieutenant. After being nominated for a Tony Award for his role, he later shifted to Los Angeles and starred in several television series. He married actress DeLee Lively in 1982. They divorced in 1992 and Mekka married Yvonne Marie Grace in 1993.

He was born on 14th June 1952

Born in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA, Eddie Mekka was a stage actor and singer. He appeared in the movies Laverne & Shirley and A League of Their Own. He also performed in several theatre shows. Besides acting, Mekka was also a music teacher and taught many people how to sing. After he graduated from Berklee College of Music, he began teaching others how to sing. Later on, he got a role on ‘The Broadway’ and was nominated for a Tony Award. As a result, he became a household name.

In 1975, Mekka made his Broadway debut in the musical The Lieutenant. He was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical for his role. After leaving the Broadway show, Mekka relocated to Los Angeles. He was cast in the spinoff of Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley. He played the high school sweetheart of Shirley. The show became an instant hit, becoming a top-rated prime-time program.

He died on 27th November 2021

Eddie Mekka was an actor who starred on television shows such as Laverne & Shirley and Blansky’s Beauties. He appeared on more than 50 TV shows and films. Mekka’s career also included roles in The Love Boat, Dreamgirls, A League of Their Own, The Bold and the Beautiful, and many more. On Twitter, he expressed his condolences.

Mekka began his acting career in the 1970s, and he was nominated for a Tony Award in 1975 for his performance in The Lieutenant. After the show closed on Broadway, Mekka relocated to Los Angeles and landed a role in the hit Happy Days spinoff Laverne & Shirley. He played the role of Shirley’s high school sweetheart in the show. The role made Mekka a star and the show became one of the highest-rated primetime shows.

He had a net worth of $1 million

Eddie Mekka amassed a fortune during his professional career. He was estimated to have a net worth of $500 thousand at the time of his death. This figure included his assets, bank account, real estate, and earnings. In his life, Mekka was content with the money he had accumulated.

Mekka earned his net worth through his acting career. He has appeared in several television shows and films. In addition to his acting career, he has been a singer and dance teacher. He was born in June 1952 in Worcester, Massachusetts. In his youth, he took singing lessons and performed on Broadway, where he was nominated for a Tony Award. Following this, he relocated to Los Angeles and began a career as an actor. Mekka went on to star as the character Carmine Ragusa in the hit show Laverne & Shirley.

He was married to DeLee Lively

Eddie Mekka was married to actress DeLee Lively for nine years. They met on the set of Laverne & Shirley and married on May 28, 1983. The couple divorced in 1992 and Lively later married actor Robert Torti. It is unknown what caused his death.

The couple had a daughter, Mia. Mekka had a brown hair color and was 5 feet 3 inches tall. He was 68 kg and had brown eyes. He began his career as an actor in various television shows. He also appeared on a national tour of Grease and in Hairspray at the Luxor in Las Vegas.

He had no children

Eddie Mekka was an actor and dancer who appeared in many films in the 1970s. He was one of the stars of the movie A League of Their Own and stole a dance from Madonna in the movie. He also had a career as a guest star on numerous soap operas such as Family Matters and The Love Boat. He is survived by his wife Yvonne Marie Grace and daughter Mia.

Aside from his work on Laverne & Shirley, Mekka also starred in Family Matters and Moonlighting. He also made appearances on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Children’s Hospital. He was also an actor in a few movies, including Dreamgirls (2006) and Hail Mary (2018).

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