Duranice Pace Net Worth

Duranice Pace Net Worth & Age

Duranice Pace was one of the members of Pace Sisters who built up an extensive net worth during her 62-year-old career before she passed away due to health complications on 14 January 2021 at age 62, leaving a sizeable legacy which was passed to Demarcus Wardell Love as his inheritance.

The Pace Sisters have released numerous singles and albums since forming in 1976, and their combined net worth is estimated to be about $2 Million. Beyond their musical work, they also take part in various charitable endeavors that have earned them widespread acclaim within their community.

Duranice Pace was known for her powerful voice. At age 8, she and her siblings would perform at church services, community talent shows and other events around Atlanta, Georgia. Pace attended Walter F. George High School before later going on to earn a degree in music performance from Georgia State University.

In the 1990s, she founded her own record label to help promote and distribute her music. One of her biggest hits was 1996 song “Wealthy Place,” featuring Karen Clark Sheard of the Clark Sisters. Additionally, she appeared in several films as well as guesting appearances on television shows.

She was also active in her church and led a Bible study group. Additionally, she presented at several seminars and workshops as well as speaking engagements – contributing significantly to her net worth through both religious work and charitable initiatives.

Though she achieved success in music, she remained an average person at heart. She loved spending time with family and friends even after becoming famous.

She had one son, Demarcus Wardell Love, whom she was extremely close to. In addition, she enjoyed traveling and spending time with her family – an outstanding woman whom many will mourn the loss of.

Duranice Pace was born May 13 in Atlanta, Georgia to Murphy Pace Jr and Bettie Ann Pace; her father served as a pastor while Bettie Ann Pace worked as a homemaker. Duranice was one of eight siblings at Walter F. George High School where she became known as an accomplished gospel singer.

Duranice Pace died peacefully on Thursday, as announced by her family. At 62, Duranice’s death leaves a huge void in music and her fans are mourning its passing. Her family had earlier announced she was hospitalized but did not provide additional details regarding her condition. They requested prayers or donations in lieu of flowers at her funeral services and have requested prayers instead of flowers as donations in lieu of funeral arrangements.

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