Dub Taylor Net Worth

Dub Taylor Net Worth – Age, Bio, Family, Wiki & Facts

Dub Taylor was an American character actor renowned for appearing in over 130 films and television shows over his six-decade career. Born in Richmond, Virginia and making his film debut with “Gold Diggers of 1933″, Dub first made an impressionful television presence through CBS series such as ‘Dick Powell’s Zane Gray Theatre” where he made appearances as Trooper Shattuck; other appearances included episodes of My Favorite Martian” and “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet”.

Dub Taylor Net Worth, Age, Bio, Family, Wiki & Facts

Dub Taylor was born on February 26th in Richmond Virginia United States and now stands 87 years old with an estimated net worth of $5 Million. Dub is best known for playing Newly O’Brien (Gunsmoke) but he has also appeared in other Western television and film projects during his storied career.

Taylor is also a talented painter who has showcased his works at numerous art shows and galleries, particularly Western-themed pieces. Additionally, his paintings have been displayed at rodeos and state fairs, such as Oregon’s annual ‘Pendleton Round-Up”.

Taylor has earned numerous accolades during his distinguished career. His devotion to acting has brought him tremendous success and inspired people across the world; even authoring a book entitled, ‘The Way to the Top: A Guide to Acting Like a Pro’.

Taylor is an accomplished character actor and his performance in the movie ‘Truce’ was no different. As Harry Dodds, father to the main character in this drama movie about family reunion and its aftermath, his performance was truly exceptional.

Reece also appeared in numerous television shows and series, such as I Love Lucy, The Brian Keith Show, Perry Mason, Designing Women and The High Chaparral. Furthermore, he made four episodes of Little House on the Prairie and participated in Lulu’s Truck Stop skit from Hee Haw.

Taylor was married twice: first to Miss California (who became his ex-wife after they divorced), then to actress Janet Leigh until both died (in 1987 and 2005, respectively). Taylor has two sons from his first marriage and three grandchildren from his second. Throughout his life he has been actively involved with charitable work, volunteering his time for various organizations over time. With an affinity for horseback riding, Taylor is actively involved with several horse racing charities. Animal rights activist and supporter, as well as several environmental causes, he has long been active with Arts Council of Los Angeles and numerous universities and institutions around the country. Receiving many honorary degrees and awards throughout his career.

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