Did Sevryn And Mads Break Up

Mads Lewis and Christian Plourde began dating in May 2021. The couple has since unfollowed one another on social media. This is despite the fact that the two have been posting pictures of each other on their profiles. The couple did not comment on their relationship on social media so it is unknown if they are still together. Mads Lewis’s alleged tweet went viral, reigniting the rumor mill.

The breakup rumors began after the couple deleted pictures on Instagram. The couple has not addressed the allegations of a breakup, but fans are furious about the relationship. Many fans believe Lewis is responsible for the breakup and that Sevryn should be treated better. It is not clear how many photos of the couple were hacked. Fans are left confused over what happened, and some think the breakup is the fault of Lewis.

Despite this, there is still a possibility that the pair are still dating. After all, Mads’ recent posts on TikTok have shown her with Josh. Mads has not revealed her relationship status despite the split. While she’s been tagged in photos of Jaden, her photos and videos of Mads together have appeared all over the Internet. Whether or not Mads and Josh are dating is unclear, but the two have not spoken about it publicly.

Christian Plourde and Mads Lewis started dating in June 2021. They teased getting engaged a couple of times and haven’t confirmed their breakup yet. Both men have stopped following each others on Instagram and their photos have disappeared. Christian Plourde and Mads Lewis have stopped following each other on Instagram and have been quiet about their relationship.

Christian Plourde and Mads Lewis are two of the most popular TikTok stars. Both men have large fan bases and their relationship was confirmed by the TikTok team in 2016. Mads Lewis was a TikTok celebrity who dated Jaden Hossler in October 2018. This TikTok star posted a lot of comedic and dance videos. Mads Lewis claimed that Nessa Barrett was the reason for the breakup and deleted Jaden’s Instagram photos. Mads Lewis had dated Charles Gitnick before.

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