Derek Stevens Net Worth

Derek Stevens Net Worth – How Much Is Derek Stevens Worth?

Derek Stevens is an extremely successful businessman and owner of the Circa Resort & Casino. Known for placing large bets on sports games and giving away 1,700 free airplane tickets during the Covid-19 pandemic in an effort to boost Las Vegas economy, Stevens hails from Grosse Pointe, Michigan where he worked as a valet along the Detroit River before later becoming CEO of Cold Heading Company (a supplier to auto industry nuts and bolts). Stevens relocated to Las Vegas in 2006 where he purchased several moribund casinos such as Golden Gate Casino (remodeled into D Las Vegas as homage to his Detroit roots) before purchasing additional investments such as Golden Gate Casino (remodeling into D Las Vegas to pay tribute to his Michigan roots!

Following Addison’s cheating with Mark, Derek decided to accept Richard Webber’s offer of becoming Chief of Neurosurgery at Seattle Grace Hospital. He left his Brownstone for an Airstream trailer on a 40-acre rural property on Vashon Island and traded in his BMW for a Subaru Crosstrek. During his time there, Derek formed close ties with Meredith as well as her housemates Cristina, Alex, Izzie, and Bailey; though keeping away from Preston.

Professionally, Dr. Wilson is among the world’s finest neurosurgeons, performing risky procedures and saving Seattle Grace two million dollars each year through risky procedures. A “tumor enthusiast”, he excels at performing complex, high-risk operations such as standstill operation, double barrel brain bypass surgery and separation surgery for adult conjoined twins.

Derek often serves as a moral compass for his colleagues when treating criminals. With an unshakable moral code and no hesitation to refuse any patient deemed dangerous by Derek himself, his cynicism may stem from having experienced firsthand an armed robbery that resulted in his father’s murder as a teenager.

Outside of work, Derek is an attentive family man. He takes great joy in being the father to two beautiful daughters named Maggie and Lexie; is an enthusiastic fisherman; enjoys pizza; has an appetite for beer; plays basketball, golf, tennis and poker with friends regularly; is respected by Izzie and Meredith alike and makes them laugh regularly; overall is an admirable individual with a good heart and sense of humor!

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