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Debra Paget was an American actress best known for her roles in films like The Indian Tomb, Broken Arrow, and Elvis Presley’s feature film debut, Love Me Tender. As one of Hollywood’s most influential women in recent history, Debra’s roles as an Indigenous woman challenged stereotypes associated with Native peoples; her portrayals earned her multiple nominations at awards shows for excellence in film acting. Working alongside luminaries such as Cecil B. DeMille and Elvis Presley throughout her acting career is widely celebrated by fans of classic cinema alike.

Born in 1933 in Denver, Colorado, United States and now aged 88 years old as of 2021. She became one of the leading ladies during the 50s, appearing in many classic movies such as The Indian Tomb and starring alongside Charlton Heston in 1956’s epic The Ten Commandments. Other movies she appeared in include Cry of the City, Mother Is a Freshman, House of Strangers Anne of the Indies Bird of Paradise Prince Valiant Seven Angry Men From Earth to Moon.

Paget is a Christian who enjoys reading religious texts. She has written and presented publicly on her beliefs. Travel is another passion of Paget’s, having visited various countries worldwide. When not traveling she enjoys gardening and spending time with her friends.

She is also an acclaimed dancer and singer. Over her six-decade music career she has appeared in musicals such as My Fair Lady, Oklahoma!, and Gypsy; earning numerous awards and nominations along the way.

Debra Paget Net Worth, Age, Height, Family, Children, Affairs Marriage Wiki Facts.

Debra Paget was born August 19th 1933 and is an American Actress with a net worth estimated at $10 Million USD. Both her parents were in the entertainment business so Debra grew up around the industry. Teala Loring and Lisa Gaye both made movie roles; her brother Frank Griffin (under his assumed name “Ruell Shayne”) made appearances in numerous TV shows and films. At 8 years old she made her acting debut performing in a stage show; shortly thereafter signed an exclusive long-term contract with 20th Century Fox. Debra Paget made movies such as “The Indian Tomb”, “Broken Arrow”, Princess of the Nile”, Cry of the City”, The River’s Edge”, etc. Throughout her acting career that lasted until 1965. Debra Paget stands as an incredible role model for women. Debra Paget is highly educated and an expert in her field of work. She lives with her wife in California and shares an idyllic life together; together they have many beautiful children. Both love to travel together, go picnicking together and read together – attending church services regularly is another passion shared. Debra Paget serves as an outstanding role model to her fans on how to successfully balance both professional and family obligations.

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