David Mendenhall Net Worth

David Mendenhall Net Worth

David Mendenhall has been part of American cinema for nearly four decades, appearing in some of its biggest movies and TV shows. Known for his outstanding acting abilities and charisma, Mendenhall has won multiple awards for his work as well as being widely considered to be among the greatest actors of his generation. With an immense fan following and high respect within the industry, Mendenhall remains a fixture.

California State University in San Bernardino graduated him with honors in theater arts before transferring to University of Southern California for study in theater arts and film studies; from there he graduated magna cum laude. Following this, he continued his legal studies at Southwestern Law School before marrying and having his daughter, living currently in Los Angeles while continuing acting roles.

Mendenhall entered acting professionally in 1979 when he auditioned for General Hospital’s soap opera. Taking on the part of Mike Webber until 1986, Mendenhall has also appeared in many other TV shows and movies since. His film debut came with Roger Corman’s Space Raiders production in 1983.

Mendenhall has done more than appear in movies and TV shows; he has also provided voice work for various animated series such as Rainbow Brite, Berenstain Bears, G.I. Joe, Scooby-Doo, the Smurfs, Punky Brewster and Potato Head Kids among others. Furthermore, Mendenhall has made guest appearances in feature films like 1987 sports drama Over the Top; 1990 comedy Going Bananas; 1989 thriller The Secret of the Ice Cave among others.

Mendenhall was born in Oceanside, California on 13 June 1971 with his life path number being 1. This signifies his steadfast and goal-oriented character who has worked hard towards reaching where they are today and earning lots of money as a result of it. Alongside acting, Mendenhall has worked in legal departments of several entertainment companies such as NBCUniversal Television Group and Buena Vista Home Entertainment among many others.

Mendenhall has expressed that he wishes to make an impactful impactful difference in young people’s lives, helping them get back on the right path. He likened his role to that of a smokejumper: an elite squad of firefighters that parachute into an area before it spreads too far. Mendenhall does not plan to retire from acting anytime soon and remains open to taking on new challenges with great optimism towards his work; always working on himself to become better; has an engaging sense of humor, and an overall pleasant personality.

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