Darren Mcfadden Net Worth

Darren McFadden Net Worth

Darren McFadden is an American football running back who currently represents the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL). Since 2015, after eight seasons with Oakland Raiders, McFadden has been with Dallas. Known for his speed and power rushing techniques, McFadden has amassed 5,421 yards rushing while scoring 28 touchdowns during his 10-year NFL career and has received numerous awards and recognitions during that period.

McFadden was raised in North Little Rock, Arkansas, and attended Oak Grove High School there. While in high school he excelled at several sports, being twice honored as Arkansas High School Player of the Year. Following graduation he enrolled at the University of Arkansas to continue his studies and play football – quickly rising to prominence as a running back there – twice being named Heisman Trophy runner up and twice earning SEC Offensive Player of the Year honors.

After graduation, McFadden entered the 2008 NFL Draft and was selected fourth overall by Oakland Raiders. As a rookie player, he signed an initial contract that paid out $42 million over six years; much of his net worth came from this initial contract signed when he was just 18 years old.

McFadden achieved tremendous success during his time with the Raiders, winning multiple awards and honors such as the 2006 Jim Brown Trophy and 2007 Walter Camp Award as well as being two-time Heisman Trophy runner up. Aside from his accomplishments on the field, he also was involved with local schools and youth organizations by providing them with funds.

McFadden is currently married to Tiana and they share two children together. Through his football career, he has amassed an impressive income and invested some of it into real estate ventures; owning both a mansion in North Little Rock and one near Dallas.

McFadden has amassed wealth through both professional athleticism and endorsement deals such as Celebrity Family Feud. Additionally, he has amassed wealth through sponsorships and appearances on television shows like Celebrity Family Feud. Despite suffering some setbacks – for instance in 2016 when he filed a lawsuit against Michael Vick accusing him of defrauding him; additionally in 2014 when arrested for possession of marijuana and driving while under the influence. Regardless, McFadden remains one of NFL’s finest running backs who has unrivalled potential and an estimated worth estimated at $20 Million+

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