Darren Collison Net Worth

Darren Collison Net Worth

Darren Collison is an acclaimed American basketball player who has made waves across NBA teams such as the New Orleans Hornets, Indiana Pacers, Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Clippers and Sacramento Kings. As a tall point guard who brings light with him wherever he goes with teammates from his team. Over time Darren Collison has amassed quite the following as an advocate of his skills on their teams – most recently earning $15,182 annually from Los Angeles Lakers’ base salary alone! His earnings come mostly from team salary alone!

He has also inked endorsement deals with multiple top brands, serving as their face on such products as Panini Signatures, Ethika and Guardian Hand sanitizer – in addition to participating in charity work through Jehovah’s Witness faith.

Darren has an estimated net worth of over $30 Million and earned $43,059,051 as total career earnings while playing for 10 seasons in the NBA. Thanks to his hard work and devotion towards basketball, this American professional athlete managed to generate such wealth.

He was born August 23 in Rancho Cucamonga to June Griffith and Dennis Collison – two renowned track and field athletes for Guyana – who later raised him. At Etiwanda High School he earned four Parade All-American selections; then UCLA awarded him three All Pac-10 Conference accolades; finally his senior year he received the Frances Pomeroy Naismith Award as top college player under 6 feet 0.

He has played for three NBA teams throughout his career: New Orleans Hornets, Indiana Pacers and Dallas Mavericks before joining Sacramento Kings in 2014. Additionally, he has participated in two All-Star games.

Darren is an approachable, friendly individual who treats both his teammates and fans with great respect. Always seeking ways to improve team play, his positive and optimistic approach helps him cope effectively with difficult situations. Darren enjoys spending time with his family. His relationship with Keyosha, whom he married in October 2013, is strong and they share a son named Kinston. Additionally, Darren enjoys fishing and riding bikes on weekends. He is an attentive husband and father with the courage to express his thoughts freely to his teammates, acting as an inspiring role model for young basketballers everywhere. One of the most respected figures in all of basketball, Darren also actively uses social media with millions of followers across major platforms, often posting photos and videos from his personal life that receive praise from the public for being kind.

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