Dabney Coleman Net Worth

Dabney Coleman Net Worth

Dabney Coleman is an iconic American actor who has appeared in over 60 movies and television shows. Nominated for several awards and with a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame to his credit, Coleman is best known for playing comedic relief villain characters. Beginning his career by participating in theatrical productions before attending acting courses to eventually secure roles on film/television productions; Coleman has made a considerable fortune over time thanks to his many talented roles.

Coleman has an expansive family. He is father to four children with Jean Hale – three from their relationship and one via an earlier union; additionally there is also one step-son from Hale’s previous marriage which they divorced in 1984.

His net worth is estimated to be $5 Million. He owns various assets and rents a traditional house in Brentwood, California for an estimated monthly rental cost of $11,500 per month; it features four bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.

Born January 3rd 1932 in Austin Texas and growing up in a middle-class family. He studied law at the University of Texas but ultimately pursued his dreams of acting instead. Beginning with theater productions before making films and television shows as well. Receiving several accolades including nominating for Emmy Awards as well as appearing in The Towering Inferno, 9 to 5, On Golden Pond Tootsie & Buffalo Bill.

Coleman is widely respected for his acting abilities. A master character actor, he has earned several awards over his long career, garnering wide acclaim from audiences all around the world – two Emmy nominations were given for his roles on Buffalo Bill and The Guardian alone!

His most renowned role to date has been that of Commodore Kaestner in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, for which he has worked nearly two seasons and received critical acclaim for his performance.

Though Coleman is quite well-known, in real life he remains extremely humble and prefers not to seek the limelight. Coleman is an outstanding family man with strong bonds between himself and his children. His philanthropy work has been remarkable over time – participating in various charity tournaments while winning several games! Additionally he serves as an excellent role model, teaching his children the value of respecting others as well as inspiring young actors of today. This man truly is talented and hardworking!

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