Connie Crowell Obituary

Connie Crowell’s obituary mentions her love of children and civic duty. She was a Monroe resident and the mother of two. Born in North Adams, Massachusetts, Connie attended Fairfield University and was employed at a playtots preschool in Easton. She later became active in the Monroe Parents’ Council. A memorial service will be held on Thursday, Aug. 21, at 10 a.m. at Calvary Lutheran Church in Swede Home, with Pastor Brenda Pfeifly and Pastor Glen Dallman officiating. She was buried in Swede Home Cemetery.

A tribute to her husband, Norvil, was a beautiful way to remember her. Her son, Lucas, was the first person to meet her. The two had a long, loving relationship. They were devoted to one another, sharing life and raising children together. In addition to her husband, Connie was a member of the Eaton Church of the Brethren and an active member of the church. Her sister Gloria Huber, Don, their three children and Jack Crowell are her survivors.

Crowell was killed in an accident on July 31, 2020. She was found dead in her SUV along with her adult son John Crowell, aka Jack. She intentionally drove into the Housatonic River, and she refused help from a passing boater. Her death was ruled a homicide/suicide by the Seymour Police Detective Division. Crowell intentionally drove into the water, but she was unable to swim.

Eva D. Crowell passed away on September 10, 2008 at the age of 90. She was born in Seneth MO, January 1, 1918. Her parents were Ollie Borah and Josie Borah. She was an active member at First Baptist Church in Troy. She was a member and volunteer of the Troy R-III School District’s Builders Sunday school. Her family was very close to her and she was an important part of the community.

After a boater discovered her vehicle in the water, he attempted to help the family. A boater saw her vehicle and attempted to pull it out of the water, but was unsuccessful. The boater tried to help her, but she refused to accept his assistance. She was involved in the local high-school and in the Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program. Her mother, her sisters and other friends were her support.

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