Climbing Business Journal

The Climbing Business Journal is the industry’s premier online source for news, information and analysis. The CBJ is edited by Joe McLaughlin, a communications specialist and former poverty economist. Before joining CBJ, he worked as an IFSC community manager during the inclusion of the sport in the Olympic Games. He also contributed to climbing-related publications such as Alpinist and Climberism. A climbing enthusiast, he also has experience working in local climbing gyms and non-profits.

While the climbing gym industry is thriving, more growth is ahead. At the turn of the year, 48 new gym projects were on the radar, with more slated to be announced throughout the year. With this growth, 2022 could be the tenth consecutive year with over 35 new climbing gym openings. The majority of new gyms are scheduled to open in California, Texas, Pennsylvania, but other states are also expected to open multiple gyms.

In addition to covering news on indoor climbing gyms, Climbing Business Journal offers advice and best practices. It covers topics like risk management, youth coaching, and routesetting. As a climbing business owner, you can use the Climbing Business Journal to stay up to date on the latest trends. There are even articles on how to run a climbing gym.

The CBJ is a data-driven industry publication dedicated to reporting and researching the activities of climbing gyms in North America and Canada. The growth rate for the climbing industry is calculated from various sources and is unique to CBJ. The company also encourages climbing gyms to update their information in its comprehensive gym map.

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