Claudia Oshry Net Worth

Claudia Oshry Net Worth – How Much Is Claudia Worth?

Claudia Oshry is an influential social media influencer, comedian and podcast host with an estimated net worth of over $500 thousand. She boasts an enormous following on Instagram and other platforms and her comedic videos have made her quite wealthy; their popularity earning her millions of views worldwide. Her Instagram following alone stands at more than 4 million.

Michael Oshry and Pamela Geller are her American parents; she attended Ramaz School before graduating with a BA from New York University’s Media, Culture & Communications program in 2017. As well as supporting President Donald Trump publicly, she holds strong political opinions. Margo, Olivia & Jackie complete her family unit.

Early in her life, she was a dancer with an interest in music and art, but later changed career paths to become an Instagram celebrity. Now boasting over three million followers on GirlWithNoJob account where she posts humorous photos and cultural-based memes; as well as having released a smartphone app version of it and being listed by Vogue among 16 hilarious Instagram accounts to follow.

She enjoys an immense fan base and is seen by many as a role model. Recently, however, she came under fire after it was revealed that she is the daughter of Pamela Geller, an influential Jewish political activist and commentator who holds controversial opinions. Since then, Geller has expressed regret over her actions and assured fans she does not share them.

Claudia is highly involved in social activism and actively supports various causes, from anti-racism efforts to Islamophobic activities. She boasts an impressive following on Instagram and often participates in live events; additionally she strongly endorses President Donald Trump and has criticised Democratic Party.

She frequently interacts with her followers on Instagram and provides humor-laden posts, engaging them all the way through. She is attractive with an incredible body shape – 5 feet 6 inches in height with a waist-hip ratio of 41-34-39, black hair, and beautiful eyes – making for an alluring woman who attracts others!

She married Ben Soffer, two years older and also an Instagram influencer, in 2017. Ben boasts an impressive following while Theo the dog has his own account on social media.

Claudia is an extremely active individual who keeps herself busy with an ambitious agenda. She enjoys travel and has a positive outlook towards life, having good relationships with family and friends alike. Claudia also has an affectionate bond with animals such as her pet dog named Bella. Claudia promotes women empowerment as an active feminist while advocating for LGBTQ causes as an LGBTQ advocate and avid reader. In addition, Claudia writes articles and posts videos online on various subjects related to social justice issues as an active feminist.

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