Carrie Henn Net Worth

Carrie Henn Net Worth and Salary

Carrie Henn Net Worth is an established United States of America actress. She first gained international acclaim as a youngster when co-starring alongside Sigourney Weaver in 1986 science fiction movie Aliens; at that point she was only 10 years old! Carrie played Rebecca ‘Newt’ Jorden in that science fiction flick. Since then, however, Carrie has no longer participated in any acting activities and instead decided to become a teacher; currently teaching at Shaffer Elementary School in Atwater California.

Henn is an extremely gifted and attractive woman with an ethereal beauty. She stands tall, her eyes and hair being dark brown in hue. One of her greatest assets is her flawless beauty which draws men in with its charms. A dreamer at heart, Henn never gives up on her goals.

She has long been involved with acting, and has made an incredible name for herself in that time. Her debut in ‘Aliens’ brought international renown and earned her nominations for Saturn Awards; subsequent movies including Lifeforce, Body Snatchers and ‘The Predator’ proved equally successful.

Henn has officially ended her acting career, yet still makes appearances at conventions and reunions related to ‘Aliens.’ She participates in charitable activities. Additionally, Henn is married to Nathan Kutcher whom she met while at college; they later got engaged before getting married on July 5, 2005.

Henn is estimated to be worth an estimated net worth of over $2 Million, having amassed her fortune through acting roles on numerous films. She earned this wealth thanks to an impressive salary that allows her to lead an enjoyable life.

Carrie Henn is an attractive and intelligent woman, known for being highly successful in both her professional life and social life. She’s generous with giving gifts to friends and family members alike; in turn she fosters strong bonds of affection between herself and her children.

Born May 7, 1976 in Panama City, Florida to Roseleen (nurse) and Kenneth (air force master sergeant), Henn moved with her family to England when she was only a toddler due to Kenneth’s military duties. It was during this time that Ridley Scott noticed Henn and cast her as Newt in his action horror film ‘Aliens’ at age 10. After appearing as Newt in that film at age 10, Henn became famous worldwide and is still regularly meeting up with co-star Sigourney Weaver as they often meet up at events related to their film; their marriage remains strong as is their love and commitment – an example that many couples should follow today!

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