Calico Cat Cookies

A cookie cutter for a calico kitten is a great addition. This cutter measures approximately 3.5×8 cm. Simply place the cookie dough in the cutter and cut into desired shapes. Let them cool completely on a baking sheet. You can also decorate your dog cookies using black candy melt circles or whiskers. After icing, you can decorate them with the melted chocolate.

For this recipe, cake flour, milk powder, and baking powder should be mixed together. You should make a small amount orange dough. One-third of the remaining dough should then be black. Roll the base dough to about 1 cm thick and cut out using a cookie cutter. These calico cat cookies should be baked for about 10 minutes. The baking time will depend on the type of oven you use, so make sure you check your recipe before baking to ensure they are done on time.

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