Business Development Coordinator Salary

A Business Development Coordinator salary is highly variable and is largely based on the individual’s experience, education, and the location of their position. Bonus rates are another important factor that affects this salary. In general, companies in more lucrative and bigger industries tend to pay more in bonuses. Bonus rates for Business Development Coordinators range from six percent to eight percent of their annual salary.

The median salary for a Business Development Coordinator in Tajikistan is 97,760 TJS, while half of the population earns less. While this figure is relatively low, it still shows that there is a wide range. As a result, earning more than the median salary is considered to be a good sign.

Despite the wide range of wages, there are some common characteristics that are correlated with experience. The more years of experience a business development coordinator has, the higher their salary will be. Location is also a key factor, as a business development coordinator in a big city tends to earn more due to higher salaries and a high cost of living.

The average salary for a Business Development Coordinator in Tajikistan is 136,100 TJS. However, if you have a master’s degree, you can earn anywhere from 58,200 to 175,000 TJS per year. Though earning a master’s degree may give you more financial flexibility, it doesn’t guarantee a salary increase.

As a Business Development Coordinator, you need to have a good understanding of marketing principles and be willing to work flexible hours. Additionally, you must be able to interact well with clients. A Business Development Coordinator salary in Astoria, OR is $240 higher than the national average. Oregon ranks 23rd in the nation when it comes to salaries for this profession.

A Business Development Coordinator’s job involves bringing new clients and customers into a company. This requires a business development coordinator to conduct research, use professional networks, and reach out to potential clients. This position also involves facilitating work between various departments and teams. For example, Business Development Coordinators need to set meeting times and communicate with all relevant parties. They also need to keep records of all meetings and decisions made.

Business Development Coordinators can earn as much as 980 USD per month. They can expect to receive housing and transportation allowances, as well as benefits. The salary can also vary greatly depending on the region, skills, and experience of the employee. However, the range of salaries for this position is generally between 520 and 1,490 USD per month.

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