Blooming Prairie Murderer

Blooming Prairie Murderer on the Loose

Since the beginning of the year, the Blooming Prairie Murderer is on the loose. This case was a disaster for the community as well as the law enforcement community. It exposed the crimes of a local lady. Lois Riess, a 56-year old Blooming Prairie woman, was murdered by her neighbor and stole her identity. Two of the city’s elderly women were among her victims – Pamela Hutchinson (a retired teacher) and her former student.

Lois Riess has pleaded guilty to the murder of her husband, David, in 2018. This crime sparked a nationwide manhunt, and while she was being held in Florida, she also killed another woman, Pamela Hutchinson. Lois Riess was sentenced to life in prison without parole, but initially pleaded not guilty to the charge. The court allowed these proceedings to take place in the facility because the murders occurred so close to the high school.

Riess said that she was upset her husband wanted to cancel their grandchild’s basketball match. When she confronted him, he handed her a gun and told her to “kill myself.” David was found dead on March 23. The crime was not the first heist Riess committed. Riess was caught in Texas 10 days later. The investigation continues. Although there are many suspects, only one remains at the moment.

Lois Wade was the only suspect involved in the death Dave Wade. The investigation was conducted by U.S. marshal Brian Smith. Dave’s friends and family heard about the case in Mr. Pfiefer’s forensics class across town, and it occupied the minds of the students for several weeks. They discussed the case over again. However, the public was not allowed to know the truth, and Lois was ultimately found guilty of the crime.

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