Blackie Lawless Net Worth

Blackie Lawless Net Worth

Blackie Lawless is an internationally acclaimed singer-musician-songwriter-actor-film score composer as well as bassist/rhythm guitarist for Los Angeles heavy metal band W.A.S.P. He was born 4 September 1956 in Staten Island, New York United States and his genres of choice include Heavy metal, Christian metal, shock rock glam metal and hard rock. At 6 feet 3 in (1.93 meters), he boasts a net worth estimated at $9 Million dollars.

Blackie spent his early life living with his family and frequently moving as his father’s military career took them through different locations. He met Ace Frehley from Kiss during this period. At age 13, Blackie was injured during a fight that left a scar across his stomach that became his stage name; later on, Blackie claimed that Christianity has greatly influenced many themes within his music.

In 1976, he replaced Johnny Thunder with the New York Dolls and went on to tour worldwide until its disbandment at year’s end. Later he formed Sister, Sister in Los Angeles which pioneered face makeup glam rock while exploring occult symbolism; Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue and bassist Chris Holmes also played briefly within this band.

Lawless quickly gained fame thanks to his bold live performances. These included lighting his boots on fire and eating worms; tying a semi-naked model up on a torture rack; throwing raw meat into the crowd – these acts earned Lawless an unmatched status in the 1980s, which helped garner him many followers.

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What is Blackie Lawless’ Net Worth?

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