Black Magic Bachelor Button

You’ve heard of the black magic bachelor button, but how does it work? The trick is to plant it where it gets full sun. Its ideal soil pH range is 6.6 to 7.5, and it’s best if it drains well. Soil with poor drainage can be prone to fungal infections, so be sure to add compost to your garden soil. Once planted, the black magic bachelor button will flower beautifully in a matter of months.

This beautiful variety of bachelor button is easy to grow, pollinator-friendly, and drought-tolerant. It will flower for months without requiring any care. Bachelor’s Buttons prefer to be planted in early fall or early spring and should be spaced a month apart. You can harvest them when the buds are half open and the largest branching stems are already colored. The blooms will last about seven days in a vase.

Once established, you can remove spent blossoms and replant the flowers. In order to maintain this gorgeous plant, you will need to mulch around the base of the plant, but it’s a minimal effort. The seeds will germinate in seven to ten days in 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Plants will take about three months to flower. They need little maintenance once they have reached maturity. A few deadheading sessions will help control self-seeding. You can also save the blooms for replanting next year. You can also enjoy the beauty of the flowers while attracting beneficial insects. Beneficial insects will pollinate the plants as they feed on the flowers, so you can keep them for years.

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