Bishop Lamor Whitehead Net Worth

Bishop Lamor Whitehead Net Worth

Bishop Lamor Whitehead is a popular motivational speaker who has a net worth of $5 million. He founded the Leaders of Tomorrow International Churches and is also involved in real estate. His wife, Asia K DosReis, is a devout Christian and also serves as his bishop. In addition, she is an active member of the community, having founded the UaReAChampion Empowerment Network that empowers women to discover their own champions.

Bishop Lamor Whitehead is a priest

Bishop Lamor Whitehead is a well-rounded, dynamic preacher and community leader who has a strong commitment to social justice. He is also an entrepreneur and a visionary who has impacted the world with his message. While growing up in Brooklyn, Bishop Whitehead was raised by a single mother and does not have a father. Despite this, he was an outstanding athlete in high school and scored athletic scholarships from Farmingdale University and Shaw University. He continued his education at Eastern New Mexico University, where he majored in Accounting. Afterward, he went on to New York Theological Seminary, where he earned a certificate in Human Services.

The woman has not filed a police report and is not a suspect. Bishop Whitehead has not been charged with any crime, but police are investigating his actions. The police have questioned him, but he has yet to appear in court.

He founded Leaders of Tomorrow International Churches

In March 2014, Bishop Lamor Whitehead founded Leaders of Today International Churches, an independent Christian denomination. His ministry is rooted in the teachings of the Bible and is dedicated to empowering people through the Word of God. His vision is to help the community overcome social problems by fostering spiritual, cultural, and political awakening.

Initially, Whitehead worked as a mortgage broker in New York. He was also a marriage and funeral officiant and was licensed by the New York State chaplain’s office. After founding Leaders of Tomorrow International Churches, he was arrested for identity theft and has spoken publicly about his experience in jail.

He is a motivational speaker

Bishop Lamor Whitehead is a motivationalist and a popular speaker. He is known for his flashy style, including driving a Rolls-Royce. His message aims to give people power through the pure word of God. Before becoming an evangelist, Bishop Whitehead was an athlete in high school and college. He then went on to study videography and accounting in college. He has two beautiful children and a loving family.

As a motivational speaker, Whitehead has used his background in the church to empower people. He is a charismatic orator with a deep knowledge of the Bible. His powerful messages can make audiences sing, clap, and silence.

He dabbles in real estate

Bishop Lamor Whitehead has dabbled in real estate. He owns and operates an apartment complex in Hartford, Connecticut. He has a flamboyant style and a YouTube channel. His followers number around 1.5 million. His videos include detractors blasting rival pastors and mini-life lessons from behind the wheel of his car. He also promises his followers classes on real estate.

He owns two homes in Connecticut and New Jersey. His most recent purchase is a $1.6 million property in Paramus, N.J. He bought it in November of last year. In July of this year, he received a default notice from his Connecticut lender, declaring that he hasn’t made mortgage payments since June 1, 2022. This led to lawsuits filed by his former campaign worker, who claims Bishop cheated him out of $56,000. In an interview with The Post, Whitehead characterized the lawsuit as frivolous.

He is a community activist

Lamor Whitehead is a community activist and a dynamic preacher. He is also a visionary, entrepreneur, and community leader. His work has had a profound impact on the world. Lamor was born in Brooklyn, New York. His father was a community activist and politician. But he was murdered by 16 police officers in a brutal crime. The tragedy of his father’s death shaped his life and career. As a young man, Lamor was raised by a single mother, and he was falsely accused of felony charges. He spent time in prison.

Lamor Whitehead has been sued over a disputed remark. In the lawsuit, a parishioner named Pauline Anderson claims that he persuaded her to transfer $90,000 to a financial firm he owns. The money was supposed to help her buy a home, but the money was never returned to her. Anderson also says she is dissatisfied with Whitehead.

He is a visionary

Bishop Lamor Whitehead has an impressive resume. He has founded a real estate and mortgage business and is a respected advisor to prominent politicians. He has been featured on ABC, PIX 11 and Fox 5 News and has participated on numerous panels and endorsed many candidates. His work has inspired and empowered many people and has been recognized by many organizations.

Bishop Whitehead is also a controversial figure. He was once accused of stealing money from people he knew and was convicted of fraud. He owes more than $400,000 in judgments in New Jersey. He has called the accusations victim-shaming and racist.

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