Bernie Sanders With A Steel Chair

Bernie Sanders in a Steel Chair at the Inauguration of Vice President Joe Biden

A picture of Bernie Sanders in a steel chair at the inauguration of Vice President Joe Biden has gone viral. Fans have turned Sanders’ photo into famous scenes, humorous environments, and more. The Vermont junior senator is the longest serving independent in U.S. congressional history. The picture was taken by Brendan Smialowski, who was watching the inauguration ceremony. The photo is made even more funny by Sanders using recycled plastic bottles for his gloves.

Whether or not Sanders intended to use the chair is up to you, but it sure looks cool. A few months ago, it was one of the most popular memes of the inauguration, and it has become a popular gag on the internet. Although it is a common sight, its origins are not clear. Sanders is not only a good candidate for the Democratic Party but also a deeply unlikable politician.

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