Bello Script Regular Font

Bello Script Pro is an OpenType font from Underware. It has a Latin Plus character set and a wide range of stylistic options including ligatures, start and end swashes, and alternate first and last characters. It supports over two hundred languages. It is available in two main styles: Bello Script and Bello Caps. The Bello Script is a flourished style that is ideal for use in headlines, while Bello Caps is a more upright font that is ideal for capital lettering.

Bello Script Regular font has a unique style and is part of the Bello Script family. It’s a good option for invitation art and is available for download for free. Its regular style is suitable for general-purpose use, but it may vary slightly depending on the letters you use. It is safe to use and doesn’t contain any malware or spyware. It’s free to download and you can also test out its typography to determine which letters you want to use.

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