Beetlejuice Entertainer Net Worth

Beetlejuice Comedian and Entertainer Net Worth

Lester Napoleon Green, commonly referred to by his stage name Beetlejuice, is an American comedian and entertainer best known for appearing as one of Howard Stern Show’s Wack Pack members on The Howard Stern Show and was honored as “Wack Packer of All Time” by Howard. In 2015, Lester Napoleon Green was honored by being recognized as “Wack Packer of All Time”.

Lester Green was born June 2 in Jersey City, New Jersey. At four feet tall he has been diagnosed with microcephaly and dwarfism which cause his head to be smaller than his body. Additionally, he also suffers from mild intellectual disability.

He was raised in Jersey City’s Marion Garden Projects. He attended public school up to 16 and excelled academically under PS 31’s special education teacher; upon leaving PS 31, he was hired as an assistant teacher by his mother – an active educator until her retirement years.

In July 1999, he made his first appearance on The Howard Stern Show with Frank “Third Degree” Burns – another little person.

Beetlejuice quickly became a fan of the show and started appearing regularly. Soon he earned himself the moniker “the most famous little person in the world”, earning invitations from other shows to appear as well.

He has appeared in multiple feature films, such as Bubble Boy (2001), Scary Movie 2 (2002) and Girls Gone Dead (2004). Additionally, he has done voice-over work for numerous video games and television series; was part of The Killers of Comedy tours; as well as being involved with comic wrestling telecasts.

His popularity skyrocketed when he started appearing on The Howard Stern Show and is widely credited with turning it into one of America’s most watched talk shows. Due to this success on the show, he became part of its Wack Pack team that participates in its sketch segments.

At an early stage in his entertainment industry career, he met Sean Rooney. They met in a bar, and Rooney managed his act as a nightclub comedian.

Howard Stern introduced Babyjuice as his intimate partner and they dated for four months before it ended.

Since that date, he has remained single; as of 2021 he doesn’t openly discuss his past relationships or their details.

He boasts millions of followers across social media platforms and utilizes these accounts to promote his work. Critics have accused him of using these channels as a means to generate profit; he disputes these claims.

He is estimated to have an estimated net worth of $200,000. With over 10 years in the entertainment industry and living solely through acting, his net worth can be estimated at $200,000.

He is one of the greatest performers within The Howard Stern Show Wack Pack and also stars as Bubble Boy and Scary Movie 2.

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