Angel Del Villar Net Worth

Angel Del Villar Net Worth

Angel del Villar is a multimillionaire entrepreneur who built his fortune through investments and business ventures. A firm believer in socially responsible investing, Angel has given millions to various charities through donations of his fortune. His incredible story serves as a great reminder that hard work and determination can lead to success!

Villar’s musical career kicked off when he established Del Record recording studio, which quickly gained the respect and patronage of Mexican musicians. Enrolling in music school to learn different instruments, then starting his own band that performed at local events before eventually signing with major record label to become well-known in industry.

In 2008, Gerardo Ortiz opened up his own recording studio and musicians began using it immediately. He assisted young aspirants to get signed by Indie Labels such as Indie Music Group; eventually Gerardo Ortiz signed with their production house; his fame and influence spread quickly as his production house flourished; but as with any business venture it had its challenges too; over time they lost one of their coworkers leading to major restructuring in their company.

Still, he continued his journey and assisted many singers to establish themselves in this industry. His studio is well known for its superior services and recordings. Furthermore, he helps aspirant singers develop their talents further while winning many awards along the way.

He holds various business and investment interests, with Del Records serving as his main source of income. Additionally, he invests in real estate and actively gives back to the community through various philanthropic efforts. Furthermore, he owns multiple restaurants under his brand and has made significant strides within Mexican music scenes over time.

He and Cheli Madrid have been married since 2020 and together have one daughter named Angela. Additionally, he has five other children from his previous relationships. He’s active online as well; posting regular photos with his family.

Apart from his musical and business pursuits, he enjoys travelling and has an extensive collection of cars and yachts. Additionally, he loves fine dining and lives a luxurious lifestyle while remaining active through golf and fitness activities. Additionally, his wife finds him to be a supportive father while his charitable activities have won accolades and recognition from global organizations.

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