Alvin Malnik Net Worth

Alvin Malnik Net Worth – How Much Is Alvin Malnik Worth?

Alvin Malnik has made a name for himself as a businessman, philanthropist and real estate broker over his career. A member of the University of Miami Founder’s Society as well as numerous charitable organizations that offer aid during difficult times; Alvin is also a regular donor to foundations which grant wishes to sick children.

The 89-year-old mogul owns and oversees an expansive empire across the country that encompasses various clubs and restaurants. His client list boasts several celebrity families as well as Saudi Arabian Royalty; furthermore, his finances were even appointed advisor for them! As self-made multimillionaire without debts or judgments on record he stands tall among his competitors.

Born May 23rd 1933 in St Louis Missouri to Russian Jewish immigrants, he attended Clark Elementary School before going on to Soldan High School where he graduated in 1950 before receiving a Bachelor’s Degree from Washington University of St Louis in 1954 as a Guided Missile Officer, eventually reaching Reserve Captain status during his US Army service from 1954-1956.

He transitioned into real estate and finance immediately following military service, becoming one of the country’s premier real estate and finance professionals over two decades later. Renowned for building meaningful relationships with his clients, his firm is widely considered the go-to spot for private parties and corporate events of all kinds; many prominent celebrities and businesspeople have used his services.

Malnik gained notoriety in the entertainment industry in the late 1990s. He established lasting personal and professional ties with several members of the Rat Pack – Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra in particular – as well as acting as mentor to filmmaker Brett Ratner, whom considers him his adoptive father.

Malnik holds immense influence within his community. He was one of the founding members of Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center and an active contributor at Mount Sinai Medical center, while also belonging to the Founder’s Society at University of Miami and helping form numerous other organizations that support local organizations.

Wine Spectator Magazine recently honored Malnik’s restaurant The Forge as one of America’s finest dining establishments and it remains a beloved landmark in Miami Beach. Additionally, Malnik has dabbled in casino business as well as acting roles.

Malnik is the father of six children. His eldest son, Shareef Malnik is the owner of the Forge restaurant as well as multiple clubs and restaurants in the US. He regularly posts updates from his daily life on social media with over 2.5 million followers; Paris Jackson, one of his daughters has amassed an additional million.

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