Alexander Shunnarah Net Worth

Alexander Shunnarah Net Worth

Alexander Shunnarah is a personal injury lawyer and the founder of Alexander Shunnarah Injury Lawyers. He has more than a hundred lawyers in his firm and has offices in Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin, Louisiana, New Hampshire and Mississippi. In the past five years, the firm has handled over one billion dollars in claims.

Before becoming a lawmaker, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Sociology from Samford University. He then graduated with a Juris Doctor from the University of Alabama. A few years later, he opened his own law firm in Birmingham, Alabama, where he practiced for the first few years. After that, he expanded his practice to other areas in Alabama and other states. Now, he has 20 state-of-the-art offices throughout the United States.

The legal industry is a competitive field, and a lot of attorneys earn very little. However, Alexander Shunnarah uses an aggressive marketing strategy to promote his law firm. This strategy includes his use of social media and television commercials. His firm has been a finalist for several categories of public relations awards.

Alexander Shunnarah has worked hard to make his dream of being a successful attorney come true. Throughout his career, he has won many settlements for his clients. Currently, he is the CEO and president of Alexander Shunnarah Injury Lawyers, P.C. and is associated with the American Association of Injury Lawyers (ASILPC). Besides that, he also specializes in cases of car accidents and security dysfunction.

Alexander Shunnarah has three children with his wife, Lorena. She has fair complexion and brown hair. They have been married for over 14 years. Although he hasn’t disclosed his net worth, he is estimated to have a net worth of $150 million.

One of the reasons why Alexander Shunnarah has such a great net worth is because of his successful law practice. His legal firm has been in business for more than twenty years and he has won numerous awards for his work. Having more than one hundred attorneys on staff, the firm’s growth has been rapid in the last few years. And his firm’s slogan, “Let me be your attorney,” has been featured on over 200 billboards across the state of Alabama.

In addition to the success of his legal practice, Alexander Shunnarah has gained a large amount of fame as a result of his marketing campaigns. As a result, he is known as a “marketing maverick.” Using innovative methods, such as the use of social media and television, he has built an empire in the legal industry.

With a successful history of more than 20 years in the law field, Alexander Shunnarah has a good reputation as a trial lawyer and a personal injury lawyer in Alabama. As a result, the law firm has many satisfied customers. It has 20 furnished offices and more than 500 attorneys across the United States.

While Alexander Shunnarah’s net worth is not fully known, he is expected to have a low six-figure net worth by 2022. Most of his earnings are derived from his practice of personal injury law.

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