Alan Smolinisky Net Worth

Alan Smolinsky Net Worth

Alan Smolinisky reportedly has an estimated net worth of between $1-5 Million, amassing his fortune through professional Entrepreneurialism. Born November 28, 1979 and living in Los Angeles since 1994, Smolinisky is well known as co-owner of LA Dodgers as well as having numerous entrepreneurial ventures and real estate investments underway – not to mention being an excellent investor he also loves playing golf and traveling with his family!

He enjoys spending his free time relaxing at his beautiful house in Pacific Palisades and is active in Homeboy Industries – the world’s leading gang intervention, rehab, and reentry program – and the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation as the team’s official charity. In order to prevent his wealth becoming dynastic he and his wife established a trust which will donate 90% of their estate upon death to charity.

He is the principal at Conquest Housing, a private investment company specializing in real estate and public securities investment. Additionally, he owns The Palisadian-Post, an established Pacific Palisades newspaper of over 90 years’ standing. Additionally, in 2019 he joined the Dodgers ownership group.

Alan Smolinsky was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He attended the University of Southern California to earn his bachelor’s degree in urban studies. Being the son of Argentine immigrants, Alan learned early how to work hard by selling lollipops and lemonade; later working at Domino’s pizza as a teenager – learning the basics of business while making pizza! Alan developed an early interest in investing and entrepreneurship after reading newspaper business sections as a child.

He and Carolyn, his wife, have two children together and reside in an impressive five bedroom, six bathroom house in Los Angeles with an expansive kitchen, living area, dining space and generous philanthropic giving to local charities.

Smolinsky has made his name in real estate by purchasing and renovating distressed properties. Additionally, he has invested in multiple startups that have seen tremendous growth over recent years. Additionally, Smolinsky possesses an appreciation of arts and serves on the board of Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation; an official charity associated with their team.

Smolinsky has an established history of supporting charities both locally and nationwide. He and his wife have long been passionate supporters of Homeboy Industries – a program for at-risk youth that offers rehabilitation through intervention – as well as progressive causes like the ACLU. Together they share two sons, have an excellent bond, support each other’s career goals and love spending free time together as close friends.

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